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 How To Troubleshoot Ecu Controlled Systems

 General Information

GENERAL INFORMATION A large number of ECU controlled systems are used in this vehicle. In general, ECU controlled systems are considered to be very intricate, requiring a high level of techn


 Terminals Of Ecu

TERMINALS OF ECU CLEARANCE WARNING ECU ASSEMBLY (a) Disconnect the I24 clearance warning ECU assembly connector. (b) Measure the voltage and resistance on the wire harness side connector according to the value(s) in the table below. Terminal No. (Symbol) Terminal Descri


INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT OIL PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR (a) Check the oil pressure and temperature sensor output voltage. (1) Apply 5 V between terminals 3 (VC) and 2 (GND). NOTICE: Be careful when connecting the leads as the oil pressure and temperature sensor may be da

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