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Toyota Corolla Cross: When Replacing Or Removing/installing Parts

Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-2024) Service Manual / General / Setup / When Replacing Or Removing/installing Parts


 Work Procedure

WORK PROCEDURE PROCEDURES NECESSARY WHEN ECU OR OTHER PARTS ARE REPLACED (for HEV Model) Replacement Part Necessary Procedure Effect/Inoperative Function when Necess

 Ecu Configuration

ECU CONFIGURATION STABILIZE A POWER SOURCE ON THE VEHICLE SIDE Shut off as many following systems and parts as possible since they would generate an electrical load. CAUTION: If vehicle systems

 Update Ecu Security Key

UPDATE ECU SECURITY KEY NOTICE: It is necessary to log in to the Toyota server to perform an ECU security key update. Users other than Toyota dealers can log in with a guest account issued


 Hybrid/EV Battery Discharge Control Malfunction (P300000)

DESCRIPTION The battery ECU assembly alerts the driver and performs fail-safe control based on malfunction signals. If the SOC drops due to running out of fuel, the vehicle being left with the shift lever in N for a long time or a hybrid control system malfunction, this DTC will be stored. DT

 Brake Switch "A" Circuit Open (P057113)

DESCRIPTION The skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) receives stop light switch assembly signals and uses them to determine whether or not the brakes are applied. The skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) has a detection circuit that it uses to detect an open in the stop light inp

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