Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Repair Instruction



PRECAUTION BASIC REPAIR HINT (a) HINTS ON OPERATIONS 1 Attire Always wear a clean uniform. A hat and safety shoes must be worn. 2

 Vehicle Lift And Support Locations

VEHICLE LIFT AND SUPPORT LOCATIONS PRECAUTIONS ABOUT VEHICLE CONDITION WHEN RAISING VEHICLE (a) The vehicle must be unloaded before jacking up or raising the vehicle. Never jack up or raise a heav

 Inspection Mode Procedure

INSPECTION MODE PROCEDURE INSPECTION MODE (a) for Gasoline Model, Diesel Model, LPG Model: The following table shows the types of inspection mode that are available, their purpose and the control



PRECAUTION GENERAL PRECAUTION (a) The following conditions may be interpreted as a malfunction even though they are normal operation: An object is placed on the front passenger seat and the system judges that an adult is seated. As the occupant classification system detects and classifies occup

 ECM Communication Stop Mode

DESCRIPTION Detection Item Symptom Trouble Area ECM Communication Stop Mode Communication stop for "ECM (Engine)" is indicated on the "Communication Bus Check" screen of the GTS. Click here ECM

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