Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Before driving


 Key information

 The keys

The following keys are provided with the vehicle. Vehicles without a smart key system Keys Operating the wireless remote control function Key number plate Vehicles with a smart key system

 Wireless remote control

The keys are equipped with the following wireless remote control: Vehicles without a smart key system Locks the doors Unlocks the doors Opens the windows*1 Sounds the alarm Vehicles with a smar


 Registering ID codes

Every tire pressure warning valve and transmitter has a unique ID code. When replacing a tire pressure warning valve and transmitter, it is necessary to register the ID code. When registering the ID codes, perform the following procedure. 1. Park the vehicle in a safe place, wait for approximately

 Stopping the engine

1. Stop the vehicle completely. 2. Set the parking brake, and shift the shift lever to P. Check the parking brake indicator is illuminated. Do not press the shift lever button after shifting the shit position to P. 3. Press the engine switch. The engine will stop, and the meter display will be ex

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