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Toyota Corolla Cross: Favorite settings

My Settings

Drivers are identified using devices such as electronic keys to store the vehicle settings for each. Then the information can be recalled the next time the vehicle is driven.

Authentication devices can be assigned in advance to drivers so that they can drive using their preferred settings.

Settings for 3 drivers can be stored in My Settings.

For information on authentication devices registration/ deletion, changing the driver's name, initializing driver registered settings, manually switching drivers and deleting drivers registration refer to the "MULTIMEDIA OWNER'S MANUAL".

Types of assigned authentication devices

An individual can be identified using the following authentication devices.

  • Electronic key

An individual is identified when the smart key system detects their electronic key.

  • Bluetooth device

An individual is identified when a Bluetooth device is connected to the audio system. For information on how to connect Bluetooth devices, refer to the "Multimedia Owner's Manual". When an individual is identified with an electronic key identifying using a Bluetooth device is not performed.

Recalled functions

When an individual is identified from an authentication device, settings for the following functions are recalled.

  • Meter displays and audio system information*
  • Vehicle settings that can be set using the audio system*

*: Some settings are excluded



     Before driving

     Driving the vehicle

    Driving procedure ■ Driving 1. With the brake pedal depressed, shift the shift lever to D. 2. Release the parking brake. 3. Gradually release the brake pedal and gently depress the accelerator pe


     Opening/closing the back door (vehicles with a power back door)

    ■ Opening/closing the back door using the wireless remote control Press and hold the switch. Unlock the back door before operating. Pressing the switch while the back door is opening/closing will stop the operation. Pressing and holding the switch again will operate the back door in the opposite

     Driving support system information display

    ■ Driving support system information Select to display the operational status of the following systems: Dynamic radar cruise control LTA (Lane Tracing Assist) LDA (Lane Departure Alert) ■ Navigation system-linked display (if equipped) Select to display the following navigation system-linked

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