Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Opening and closing the windows


 Power windows

Opening and closing the power windows The power windows can be opened and closed using the switches. Operating the switch moves the windows as follows: Closing One-touch closing* Opening One-to

 Preventing accidental operation (window lock switch)

This function can be used to prevent children from accidentally opening or closing a passenger window. Press the switch. The indicator A will come on and the passenger windows will be locked. The p

 Moon roof

Use the overhead switches to open and close the moon roof and tilt it up and down. Operating the moon roof ■ Opening and closing Opens the moon roof* The moon roof stops slightly before the full


 Sensors used by Toyota Safety Sense 3.0

Various sensors are used to obtain the necessary information for system operation. ■ Sensors which detect the surrounding conditions Front radar sensor Front camera WARNING ■To prevent malfunction of the radar sensors Observe the following precautions. Failure to do so may lead to a radar

 Vehicle information display

■ Drive information Displays drive information such as the following: Drive information 1 Drive information 2 Displays the following depending on which drive information type and drive information items were selected in . After start Distance: Displays the distance driven since engine s

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