Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: When trouble arises


 Essential information

 Emergency flashers

The emergency flashers are used to warn other drivers when the vehicle has to be stopped on the road due to a breakdown, etc. Operating instructions Press the switch. All the turn signal lights will

 If your vehicle has to be stopped in an emergency

Only in an emergency, such as if it becomes impossible to stop the vehicle in the normal way, stop the vehicle using the following procedure: Stopping the vehicle 1. Steadily step on the brake pedal w


 Turning intuitive parking assist ON/OFF

The intuitive parking assist can be enabled/disabled on of the multi-information display. When the intuitive parking assist function is disabled, the intuitive parking assist OFF indicator illuminates. To re-enable the system when it was disabled, select on the multi-information display, select

 LDA (Lane Departure Alert)

Basic functions The LDA system warns the driver if the vehicle may deviate from the current lane or course*, and also can slightly operate the steering wheel to help avoid deviation from the lane or course*. The front camera is used to detect lane lines or a course*. *: Boundary between the asphal

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