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Toyota Corolla Cross: If the electronic key does not operate properly (vehicles with a smart key system)

Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-2023) Owner's Manual / When trouble arises / Steps to take in an emergency / If the electronic key does not operate properly (vehicles with a smart key system)

If communication between the electronic key and vehicle is interrupted or the electronic key cannot be used because the battery is depleted, the smart key system and wireless remote control cannot be used. In such cases, the doors can be opened and the engine can be started by following the procedure below.

■When the electronic key does not work properly

  • Make sure that the smart key system has not been deactivated in the customization setting. If it is off, turn the function on.
  • Check if battery-saving mode is set. If it is set, cancel the function.
  • The electronic key function may be suspended


■In case of a smart key system malfunction or other key-related problems

Take your vehicle with all the electronic keys provided with your vehicle to your Toyota dealer.

Locking and unlocking the doors

Use the mechanical key in order to perform the following operations:

Steps to take in an emergency

  1. Locks all the doors
  2. Unlocks all the doors

Turning the key unlocks the driver's door. Turning the key again unlocks the other doors.

■Key linked functions

Steps to take in an emergency

  1. Closes the windows and moon roof*1 (turn and hold)*2
  2. Opens the windows and moon roof*1 (turn and hold)*2

*1: If equipped
*2: This setting must be customized at your Toyota dealer.


■When using the mechanical key and operating the power windows or moon roof (if equipped)

Operate the power window or moon roof after checking to make sure that there is no possibility of any passenger having any of their body parts caught in the window or moon roof.

Also, do not allow children to operate the mechanical key. It is possible for children and other passengers to get caught in the power window or moon roof.

Starting the engine

1. Ensure that the shift lever is in P and depress the brake pedal.

2. Touch the electronic key to the engine switch.

When the electronic key is detected, a buzzer sounds and the engine switch will turn to ON.

When the smart key system is deactivated in customization setting, the engine switch will turn to ACC.

Steps to take in an emergency

3. Firmly depress the brake pedal and check that is shown on the multi-information display.

4. Press the engine switch shortly and firmly.

In the event that the engine still cannot be started, contact your Toyota dealer.

■Stopping the engine

Shift the shift lever to P and press the engine switch as you normally do when stopping the engine.

■Electronic key battery

As the above procedure is a temporary measure, it is recommended that the electronic key battery be replaced immediately when the battery is depleted.

■Alarm (if equipped)

If a door is unlocked using the mechanical key when the alarm system is set, the alarm may be triggered.

■Changing engine switch modes

Release the brake pedal and press the engine switch in step 3 above.

The engine does not start and modes will be changed each time the switch is pressed.


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