Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: If the vehicle becomes stuck

Carry out the following procedures if the tires spin or the vehicle becomes stuck in mud, dirt or snow:

Recovering procedure

1. Stop the engine. Set the parking brake and shift the shift lever to P.

Do not press the shift lever button after shifting the shit position to P.

2. Remove the mud, snow or sand from around the front wheels.

3. Place wood, stones or some other material under the front wheels to help provide traction.

4. Restart the engine.

5. Shift the shift lever to D or R and release the parking brake. Then, while exercising caution, depress the accelerator pedal.

■When it is difficult to free the vehicle

Press the switch to turn off TRAC.

Steps to take in an emergency


■When attempting to free a stuck vehicle

If you choose to push the vehicle back and forth to free it, make sure the surrounding area is clear to avoid striking other vehicles, objects or people. The vehicle may also lunge forward or lunge back suddenly as it becomes free.

Use extreme caution.

■When shifting the shift lever

Be careful not to shift the shift lever with the accelerator pedal depressed.

This may lead to unexpected rapid acceleration of the vehicle that may cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury.


■To avoid damaging the transmission and other components

  • Avoid spinning the front wheels and depressing the accelerator pedal more than necessary.
  • If the vehicle remains stuck even after these procedures are performed, the vehicle may require towing to be freed.


     Vehicle specifications

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