Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Vehicle specifications

This section provides detailed information on the vehicle's specifications, dimensions and capabilities. It offers owners a comprehensive understanding of their vehicle's performance, allowing them to make informed decisions about maintenance, upgrades and usage. Drivers will find engine specifications, including engine type, displacement, power, torque and fuel system details. In addition, transmission system information such as transmission type (manual or automatic) and gear ratios may also be included. This section deals with vehicle dimensions, giving measurements of overall length, width, height, wheelbase and ground clearance. This information is valuable to drivers when navigating tight spaces, determining suitability for parking or assessing off-road capabilities.

In addition, details of the vehicle's weight, towing capacity, payload and fuel tank capacity are usually provided, giving owners a clear idea of the vehicle's capabilities and limitations on payload and fuel capacity.



 Maintenance data (fuel, oil level, etc.)

Dimensions and weight *1: Unladen vehicles *2: Vehicles with 215/65R17 tires *3: Vehicles with 225/55R18 tires Seating capacity Vehicle identification ■ Vehicle identification number The vehicle i

 Fuel information

You must only use unleaded gasoline. Select octane rating of 87 (Research Octane Number 91) or higher. Use of unleaded gasoline with an octane rating lower than 87 may result in engine knocking. Per


 Diagnosis System

DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM OBD II (except Mexico Models) When troubleshooting OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics) vehicles, the GTS (complying with SAE J1978) must be connected to the DLC3 (Data Link Connector 3) of the vehicle. Various data in the vehicle's ECM (Engine Control Module) can be then read. OBD II

 Data List / Active Test

DATA LIST / ACTIVE TEST READ DATA LIST NOTICE: In the table below, the values listed under "Normal Condition" are reference values. Do not depend solely on these reference values when deciding whether a part is faulty or not. HINT: Using the GTS to read the Data List allows the va

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