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Toyota Corolla Cross: If the vehicle is submerged or water on the road is rising

Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-2024) Owner's Manual / When trouble arises / Essential information / If the vehicle is submerged or water on the road is rising

This vehicle is not designed to be able to drive on roads that are deeply flooded with water. Do not drive on roads where the roads may be submerged or the water may be rising. It is dangerous to remain in the vehicle, if it anticipated that the vehicle will be flooded or set a drift. Remain calm and follow the following.

  • If the door can be opened, open the door and exit the vehicle.
  • If the door can not be opened, open the window using the power window switch and ensure an escape route.
  • If the window can be opened, exit the vehicle through the window.
  • If the door and window cannot be opened due to the rising water, remain calm, wait until the water level inside the vehicle rises to the point that the water pressure inside of the vehicle equals the water pressure outside of the vehicle and then open the door after waiting for the rising water to enter the vehicle, and exit the vehicle. When the outside water level exceeds half the height of the door, the door cannot be opened from the inside due to water pressure.

■Water level exceeds the floor

When the water level exceeds the floor and time has passed, the electrical equipment will get damaged, the power windows will not operate, the engine stop, and the vehicle may not be able to get moving.

■Using an emergency escape hammer*

Laminated glass is used in the windshield on this vehicle.

Laminated glass cannot be shattered with an emergency hammer*.

Tempered glass is used in the windows on this vehicle.

*: Contact your Toyota dealer or aftermarket accessory manufacturer for further information about an emergency hammer.


■Caution while driving

Do not drive on roads where the roads may be submerged or the water may be rising. Otherwise the vehicle may be damaged and cannot move, as well as become flooded and set a drift, which may lead to death.


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