Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Weight limits

  • The gross trailer weight must never exceed 1500 lb. (680 kg).
  • The gross combination weight must never exceed the following:
    • 2WD models: 5790 lb. (2625 kg)
    • AWD models: 5955 lb. (2700 kg)
  • The gross vehicle weight must never exceed the GVWR indicated on the Certification Label.
  • The gross axle weight on each axle must never exceed the GAWR indicated on the Certification Label.
  • If the gross trailer weight is over the unbraked TWR, trailer service brakes are required.

GCWR, TWR and Unbraked TWR

Confirm that the gross trailer weight, gross combination weight, gross vehicle weight, gross axle weight and tongue weight are all within the limits.


2WD models: 5790 lb. (2625 kg)

AWD models: 5955 lb. (2700 kg)

■ TWR*

1500 lb. (680 kg)

■ Unbraked TWR*

1500 lb. (680 kg)

*: These models meet the tow-vehicle trailering requirement of SAE International per SAE J2807.


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