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Toyota Corolla Cross: Positions for towing hitch receiver and hitch ball

Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-2023) Owner's Manual / Driving / Before driving / Positions for towing hitch receiver and hitch ball

Before driving

  1. Weight carrying ball position: 37.5 in. (952.0 mm)
  2. Hitch receiver pin hole position: 31.6 in. (801.5 mm)

Connecting trailer lights

Please consult your dealer when installing trailer lights, as incorrect installation may cause damage to the vehicle's lights.

Please take care to comply with your state's laws when installing trailer lights.


■Do not directly splice trailer lights

Do not directly splice trailer lights.

Directly splicing trailer lights may damage your vehicle's electrical system and cause a malfunction.


     Trailer towing tips

    Your vehicle will handle differently when towing a trailer. Help to avoid an accident, death or serious injury, keep the following in mind when towing: Speed limits for towing a trailer vary by sta

     Driving procedures

     Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles without a smart key system)

    Starting the engine 1. Check that the parking brake is set. 2. Check that the shift lever is in P. Do not press the shift lever button after shifting the shit position to P. 3. Firmly depress the b


     Head restraints

    Head restraints are provided for all seats. WARNING ■Head restraint precautions Observe the following precautions regarding the head restraints. Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury. Use the head restraints designed for each respective seat. Adjust the head restraints to th

     Suggestion function (if equipped)

    Displays suggestions to the driver in the following situations. To select a response to a displayed suggestion, use the meter control switches. ■ Suggestion to enable the power back door (if equipped) If the power back door system is disabled (setting on set to off) and the power back door switc

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