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Toyota Corolla Cross: Hitch

Trailer hitch assemblies have different weight capacities. Toyota recommends the use of Toyota hitch/bracket for your vehicle. For details, contact your Toyota dealer.

  • If you wish to install a trailer hitch, contact your Toyota dealer.
  • Use only a hitch that conforms to the gross trailer weight requirement of your vehicle.
  • Follow the directions supplied by the hitch manufacturer.
  • Lubricate the hitch ball with a light coating of grease.
  • Remove the hitch ball whenever you are not towing a trailer. Remove the trailer hitch if you do not need it.

    After removing the hitch, seal any mounting hole in the vehicle body to prevent entry of any substances into the vehicle.



Trailer hitch assemblies have different weight capacities established by the hitch manufacturer.

Even though the vehicle may be physically capable of towing a higher weight, the operator must determine the maximum weight rating of the particular hitch assembly and never exceed the maximum weight rating specified for the trailer-hitch. Exceeding the maximum weight rating set by the trailer-hitch manufacturer can cause an accident resulting in death or serious personal injuries.


■When installing a trailer hitch

Use only the position recommended by your Toyota dealer.

Do not install the trailer hitch on the bumper; this may cause body damage.


     Positions for towing hitch receiver and hitch ball

    Weight carrying ball position: 37.5 in. (952.0 mm) Hitch receiver pin hole position: 31.6 in. (801.5 mm) Connecting trailer lights Please consult your dealer when installing trailer lights, as

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     Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent (C05001F)

    DESCRIPTION Refer to DTC C050012 Click here DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area MIL DTC Output from Note C05001F Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent

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    DESCRIPTION The purpose of this circuit is to prevent the engine from stalling when the brakes are suddenly applied while driving with lock-up on. When the brake pedal is depressed, the stop light switch assembly sends a signal to the TCM. Then the TCM cancels the operation of the lock-up clut

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