Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Luggage compartment features

Cargo hooks

The cargo hooks are provided for securing loose items.

Using the storage features


■When cargo hooks are not in use

To avoid injury, always return the hooks to their stowed positions when not in use.

Grocery bag hooks

Using the storage features


■To prevent damage to the grocery bag hooks

Do not hang any object heavier than 4.4 lb. (2 kg) on the grocery bag hooks.

Luggage cover (if equipped)

■ Using the luggage cover

1. Pull out the luggage cover and hook it onto the anchors.

Using the storage features

2. Release the cover from the left and right anchors and allow it to retract.

Using the storage features


■Luggage cover

  • Do not place anything on the luggage cover. In the event of sudden braking or turning, the item may go flying and strike an occupant. This could lead to an unexpected accident, resulting in death or serious injury.
  • Do not allow children to climb on the luggage cover. Climbing on the luggage cover could result in damage to the luggage cover, possibly causing death or serious injury to the child.

Auxiliary boxes

Lift the deck mat.


Using the storage features


Using the storage features


■Caution while driving

Keep the deck mat closed. In the event of sudden braking, an accident may occur due to an occupant being struck by the deck mat or the items stored under the deck mat.


     Other interior features

     USB charging port

    The USB charging port are used to supply 3.0 A of electricity at 5 V to external devices. The USB charging port are for charging only. They are not designed for data transfer or other purposes. Depe

     Power outlet

    The power outlet can be used for 12 V accessories that run on less than 10 A. Lift the lid while pulling up the knob and open the power outlet lid. ■The power outlet can be used when The engine sw


     Fog light switch

    The fog lights secure excellent visibility in difficult driving conditions, such as in rain and fog. Operating instructions (U.S.A) or (Canada) Turns the fog lights off Turns the fog lights on ■Fog lights can be used when The headlights are on in low beam.

     If the vehicle battery is discharged

    The following procedures may be used to start the engine if the vehicle's battery is discharged. You can also call your Toyota dealer or a qualified repair shop. Restarting the engine If you have a set of jumper (or booster) cables and a second vehicle with a 12-volt battery, you can jump start you

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