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Toyota Corolla Cross: USB charging port

The USB charging port are used to supply 3.0 A of electricity at 5 V to external devices.

The USB charging port are for charging only. They are not designed for data transfer or other purposes.

Depending on the external device, it may not charge properly.

Refer to the manual included with the device before using a USB charging port.

■ Using the USB charging ports


Open the console box lid.

Other interior features

Rear (if equipped)

Other interior features

■The USB charging port can be used when

The engine switch is in ACC or ON.

■Situations in which the USB charging port may not operate correctly

  • If a device which consumes more than 3.0 A at 5 V is connected
  • If a device designed to communicate with a personal computer, such as a USB memory device, is connected
  • If the connected external device is turned off (depending on device)
  • If the temperature inside the vehicle is high, such as after the vehicle has been parked in the sun
  • If the connected device or cable is damaged

■About connected external device

Depending on the connected external device, charging may occasionally be suspended and then start again. This is not a malfunction.


■Attention while driving

For security, the driver, please do not operate the portable device body while driving.


■To prevent damage to the USB charging port

  • Do not insert foreign objects into the port.
  • Do not spill water or other liquids into the port.
  • Do not apply excessive force to or impact the USB charging port.


  • Do not disassemble or modify the USB charging port.
  • Do not use broken harness and device.

■To prevent damage to external devices

  • Do not leave external devices in the vehicle. The temperature inside the vehicle may become high, resulting in damage to an external device.
  • Do not push down on or apply unnecessary force to an external device or the cable of an external device while it is connected.

■To prevent battery discharge

Do not use the USB charging port for a long period of time with the engine stopped.


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