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Toyota Corolla Cross: Using the air conditioning system and defogger

Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-2023) Owner's Manual / Interior features / Using the air conditioning system and defogger


 Manual air conditioning system

Air conditioning controls The display and button positions will differ depending on the type of the system. Fan speed control switch Temperature control switch "MAX A/C" switch "A/C" switch Out

 Windshield wiper de-icer (if equipped)

Prevent ice from building up on the windshield and wiper blades. When the windshield wiper de-icer switch is on, the indicator illuminates on the windshield wiper de-icer switch. The windshield wip

 Air outlet layout and operations

■ Location of air outlets The air outlets and air volume changes according to the selected air flow mode. ■ Adjusting the position of and opening and closing the air outlets Front center Direct


 Enabling/disabling the power back door system (vehicles with a power back door)

The power back door system can be enabled/disabled on the multi-information display. 1. Select or of the multi-information display and then press . 4.2-inch display meter 2. Press or of meter control switches, select the "Vehicle Settings" and then press and hold . 3. Press or of the meter con

 Utility vehicle precautions

This vehicle belongs to the utility vehicle class, which has higher ground clearance and narrower tread in relation to the height of its center of gravity. Utility vehicle feature Specific design characteristics give it a higher center of gravity than ordinary passenger cars. This vehicle desig

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