Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: System Diagram



     How To Proceed With Troubleshooting

    CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the following procedure to troubleshoot the intuitive parking assist system. *: Use the GTS. PROCEDURE 1. VEHICLE BROUGHT TO W

     Customize Parameters

    CUSTOMIZE PARAMETERS CUSTOMIZE INTUITIVE PARKING ASSIST SYSTEM (a) Customize using GTS (1) Select the setting by referring to the table below. Clearance Warning Tester Display


    CALIBRATION NOTICE: When any of the following parts have been replaced, perform adjustment shown in the following table. If not, the intuitive parking assist system may not operate correctly. A


     Power Back Door Warning System does not Operate

    DESCRIPTION When the power back door warning system does not operate, one of the following may be malfunctioning: 1) wireless door lock control system, 2) power back door warning buzzer circuit, 3) multiplex network door ECU. WIRING DIAGRAM CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: If the replacement, re

     Problem Symptoms Table

    PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE HINT: Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple suspected areas are listed, the potential causes of the symptoms are listed in order of probability in the "Suspected Area" column of the table. Check each symptom by checking the suspected

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