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Toyota Corolla Cross: Sudden start restraint control (Drive-Start Control [DSC] )

Toyota Corolla Cross (2022-2023) Owner's Manual / Driving / Before driving / Sudden start restraint control (Drive-Start Control [DSC] )

When the following unusual operation is performed with the accelerator pedal depressed, the engine output may be restrained.

  • When the shift lever is shifted to R*.
  • When the shift lever is shifted from P or R to forward drive shift positon such as D*.

When the system operates, a message appears on the multi-information display. Read the message and follow the instruction.

*: Depending on the situation, the shift position may not be changed.

■Drive-Start Control (DSC)

When the TRAC is turned off, sudden start restraint control also does not operate. If your vehicle have trouble escaping from the mud or fresh snow due to sudden start restraint control operation, deactivate TRAC so that the vehicle may become able to escape from the mud or fresh snow.


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