Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Settings display

■ Meter display settings that can be changed

  • Language

Select to change the language displayed.

  • Units

Select to change the units of measure displayed.

  • Meter Type

Select to change the meter type.

  • Dial Type

Select to change the display of the speedometer or tachometer.

  • Eco Driving Indicator Light

Select to enable/disable the Eco Driving Indicator Light.

Fuel economy display

Select to change the average fuel consumption display to any of the following: trip average/total average/ tank average.

Select to display/not display the audio system linked display.

Select to change the displayed content of the following:

  • Drive information type

Select to change the drive information type display between trip information/ total information.

  • Drive information items

Select to set the first and second items of the drive information display to any of the following: average vehicle speed/distance/elapsed time.

  • Pop-up display

Select to enable/disable pop-up displays for each relevant system.

  • Multi-information display off

Select to turn the multi-information display off.

To turn the multi-information display on again, press any of the following meter control switches


  • Default setting

Select to reset the meter display settings to the default setting.

■Suspension of the settings display

  • Some settings cannot be changed while driving. When changing settings, park the vehicle in a safe place.
  • If a warning message is displayed, operation of the settings display will be suspended.


■Cautions during setting up the display

If the engine is running when changing the display settings, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a place with adequate ventilation.

In a closed area such as a garage, exhaust gases including harmful carbon monoxide (CO) may collect and enter the vehicle.

This may lead to death or a serious health hazard.


■During setting up the display

To prevent battery discharge, ensure that the engine is running while setting up the display features.


     Suggestion function (if equipped)

    Displays suggestions to the driver in the following situations. To select a response to a displayed suggestion, use the meter control switches. ■ Suggestion to enable the power back door (if equipp

     Fuel consumption information

    Fuel consumption information can be displayed on the audio system screen. System components Audio system screen Displaying fuel consumption screen Select on the main menu. Select "Trip informa

     Before driving


     Child restraint system fixed with an ISOFIX lower anchorage (for Puerto Rico)

    ■ ISOFIX lower anchorages (ISOFIX child restraint system) Lower anchorages are provided for the outboard rear seats. (Marks displaying the location of the anchorages are attached to the seats.) ■ When installing in the rear outboard seats Install the child restraint system in accordance to the

     Wireless remote control/electronic key battery

    Replace the battery with a new one if it is depleted. As the key may be damaged if the following procedure is not performed properly, it is recommended that key battery replacement be performed by your Toyota dealer. ■If the key battery is depleted The following symptoms may occur: The smart ke

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