Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Suggestion function (if equipped)

Displays suggestions to the driver in the following situations.

To select a response to a displayed suggestion, use the meter control switches.

■ Suggestion to enable the power back door (if equipped)

If the power back door system is disabled (setting on set to off) and the power back door switch on the instrument panel is operated, a suggestion message will be displayed asking if you wish to enable the power back door system.

To enable the power back door system, select "Yes".

After enabling the power back door system, press the power back door switch again to open or close the power back door.

■ Suggestion to turn off the headlights

If the headlights are left on for a certain amount of time after the engine switch has been turned off, if the headlight switch is in the "AUTO" position, a suggestion message will be displayed asking if you wish to turn the headlights off.

To turn the headlights off, select "Yes".

If the driver's door is opened after the engine switch is turned off, this suggestion message will not be displayed.


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