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Toyota Corolla Cross: Alarm

The alarm uses light and sound to give an alert when an intrusion is detected.

The alarm is triggered in the following situations when the alarm is set:

  • A locked door is unlocked or opened in any way other than using the entry function or wireless remote control.

    (The doors will lock again automatically.)

  • The hood is opened.

Setting/deactivating/stopping the alarm system

■ Items to check before locking the vehicle

To prevent unexpected triggering of the alarm and vehicle theft, make sure of the following:

  • Nobody is in the vehicle.
  • The windows and moon roof (if equipped) are closed before the alarm is set.
  • No valuables or other personal items are left in the vehicle.

■ Setting

Close the doors and hood, and lock all the doors. The system will set automatically after 30 seconds.

The indicator light changes from being on to flashing when the system is set.

If all doors are closed with back door or hood open, alarm system can be set.


■ Deactivating or stopping

Do one of the following to deactivate or stop the alarms:

  • Unlock the doors.
  • Turn the engine switch to ACC or ON, or start the engine. (The alarm will be deactivated or stopped after a few seconds.)

■System maintenance

The vehicle has a maintenance- free type alarm system.

■Triggering of the alarm

The alarm may be triggered in the following situations: (Stopping the alarm deactivates the alarm system.)

  • The doors are unlocked using the mechanical key.


If a door is unlocked using the mechanical key while the alarm is set, a warning will sound intermittently for approximately 10 seconds.

If the alarm is not canceled or stopped during this time, the warning pattern changes and the warning sounds for a certain period of time.

  • A person inside the vehicle opens a door or hood, or unlocks the vehicle using a door lock switch or inside lock button.


  • The battery is recharged or replaced when the vehicle is locked.


■Alarm-operated door lock

In the following cases, depending on the situation, the door may automatically lock to prevent improper entry into the vehicle:

  • When a person remaining in the vehicle unlocks the door and the alarm is activated.
  • While the alarm is activated, a person remaining in the vehicle unlocks the door.
  • When recharging or replacing the battery


■To ensure the system operates correctly

Do not modify or remove the system.

If modified or removed, the proper operation of the system cannot be guaranteed.


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