Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Positioning a floor jack

When using a floor jack, follow the instructions in the manual provided with the jack and perform the operation safely.

When raising your vehicle with a floor jack, position the jack correctly. Improper placement may damage your vehicle or cause injury.

Location of the jack point

■ Front

Do-it-yourself maintenance

■ Rear

2WD models

Do-it-yourself maintenance

AWD models

Do-it-yourself maintenance


     Engine compartment

    Components Washer fluid tank Engine coolant reservoir Engine oil filler cap Engine oil level dipstick Battery Brake fluid reservoir Fuse boxes Radiator Condenser Electric cooling

     Adding engine oil

    ■ Checking the oil type and preparing the item needed Make sure to check the oil type and prepare the items needed before adding oil. Engine oil selection Oil quantity (Low → Full) 1.6 qt. (1.

     Checking the engine coolant

    The coolant level is satisfactory if it is between the "MAX" and "MIN" lines on the reservoir when the engine is cold. Reservoir "MAX" line "MIN" line If the level is on or below the "MIN" line,



    The alarm uses light and sound to give an alert when an intrusion is detected. The alarm is triggered in the following situations when the alarm is set: A locked door is unlocked or opened in any way other than using the entry function or wireless remote control. (The doors will lock again a

     Unlocking and locking the doors from the outside

    ■ Smart key system (if equipped) Carry the electronic key to enable this function. Grip the driver's door handle to unlock the door. Holding the driver's door handle for approximately 2 seconds unlocks all the doors. Grip the front passenger's door handle to unlock all the doors.* Make sure to

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