Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Basic functions - Dynamic radar cruise control

Using the driving support systems

  1. Constant speed cruising: When there are no vehicles ahead

The vehicle drives at the speed set by the driver.

If the set vehicle speed is exceeded while driving down a hill, the set vehicle speed display will blink and a buzzer will sound.

  1. Deceleration and follow-up cruising: When a preceding vehicle driving slower than the set vehicle speed is detected

When a vehicle is detected driving ahead of your vehicle, the vehicle automatically decelerates and if a greater reduction in vehicle speed is necessary, the brakes are applied (the stop lights will come on at this time). The vehicle is controlled to maintain the vehicle-to-vehicle distance set by the driver, in accordance with changes in the speed of the preceding vehicle. If vehicle deceleration is not sufficient and the vehicle approaches the vehicle ahead, the approach warning will sound.

  1. Acceleration: When there are no longer any preceding vehicles driving slower than the set vehicle speed

The vehicle accelerates until the set vehicle speed is reached and then resumes constant speed cruising.

  1. Starting off: If a preceding vehicle stops, the vehicle will also stop (controlled stop). After the preceding vehicle starts off, pressing the "RES" switch or depressing the accelerator pedal will resume follow-up cruising (start off operation). If a start off operation is not performed, the controlled stop will continue.

System Components

■ Meter display

Using the driving support systems

  1. Multi-information display
  2. Set vehicle speed
  3. Indicators

■ Switches

Using the driving support systems

  1. Driving assist mode select switch
  2. Driving assist switch
  3. "+" switch / "RES" switch
  4. "-" switch
  5. Cancel switch
  6. Vehicle-to-vehicle distance switch


     Using the dynamic radar cruise control

    Setting the vehicle speed 1. Press the driving assist mode select switch to select dynamic radar cruise control. The dynamic radar cruise control indicator will illuminate. 2. Using the accelerator

     Changing the vehicle-to-vehicle distance

    Each time the switch is pressed, the vehicle-to-vehicle distance setting will change as follows: If a preceding vehicle is detected, the preceding vehicle mark will be displayed. The actual vehicle

     Cruise control

    The vehicle can be driven at a set speed even if the accelerator pedal is not depressed. Use the cruise control only on highways and expressways. WARNING ■For safe use Driving safely is solely th


     Blind Spot Monitor operation

    ■ Objects that can be detected while driving The Blind Spot Monitor uses rear side radar sensors to detect the following vehicles traveling in adjacent lanes and advises the driver of the presence of such vehicles via the indicators on the outside rear view mirrors. Vehicles that are traveling

     Front passenger occupant classification system

    Your vehicle is equipped with a front passenger occupant classification system. This system detects the conditions of the front passenger seat and activates or deactivates the following SRS airbags. SRS front passenger airbag SRS front passenger airbag SRS warning light Front passenger seat b

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