Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Pictorial index


Pictorial index

  1. Side doors
    Opening/closing the side windows
    Locking/unlocking by using the mechanical key*1
    Warning messages
  2. Back door
    Opening from inside the cabin*2
    Opening from outside
    Warning messages
  3. Outside rear view mirrors
    Adjusting the mirror angle
    Folding the mirrors
    Defogging the mirrors
  4. Windshield wipers
    Precautions for winter season
    To prevent freezing (windshield wiper de-icer)*2
  5. Fuel filler door
    Refueling method
    Fuel type/fuel tank capacity
  6. Tires
    Tire size/inflation pressure
    Winter tires/tire chains
    Checking/rotation/tire pressure warning system
    Coping with flat tires
  7. Hood
    Engine oil
    Coping with overheating
  8. Headlights/daytime running lights
  9. Headlights
  10. Parking lights
  11. Front turn signal lights
  12. Daytime running lights/parking lights
  13. Front side marker lights
  14. Fog lights*2
  15. Stop lights/rear turn signal lights/tail lights/rear side marker lights
  16. Tail lights*2
    Back-up lights
    Shifting the shift position to R
  17. License plate lights
  18. Side turn signal lights*2

*1: Vehicles with a smart key system
*2: If equipped

■Instrument panel

Pictorial index

  1. Engine switch
    Starting the engine/changing the positions*1
    Starting the engine/changing the modes*2
    Emergency stop of the engine
    When the engine will not start
    Warning messages
  2. Shift lever
    Changing the shift position
    Precautions for towing
    When the shift lever does not move
  3. Meters
    Reading the meters/adjusting the instrument panel light
    Warning lights/indicator lights
    When a warning light turns on
  4. Multi-information display
    When a warning message is displayed
  5. Turn signal lever
    Headlight switch
    Headlights/parking lights/tail lights/side marker lights/license plate lights/daytime running lights
    Fog lights*3
  6. Windshield wiper and washer switch
    Adding washer fluid
  7. Emergency flasher switch
  8. Tilt and telescopic steering lock release lever
  9. Hood lock release lever
  10. Air conditioning system
    Rear window defogger
  11. Audio system*4

*1: Vehicles without a smart key system
*2: Vehicles with a smart key system
*3: If equipped


Pictorial index

  1. Instrument panel light control dial
  2. Automatic High Beam switch*
  3. Windshield wiper de-icer switch*
  4. Power back door switch*
  5. Outside rear view mirror switch
  6. Door lock switches
  7. Power window switches
  8. Window lock switch

*: If equipped

Pictorial index

  1. Meter control switches
  2. Cruise control switches
    Dynamic radar cruise control
    Cruise control
  3. Audio remote control switches*
  4. LTA (Lane Tracing Assist) switch
  5. Phone switch*
  6. Talk switch*


Pictorial index

  1. Heated steering wheel switch*
  2. Seat heater switches*
  3. VSC OFF switch
  4. Stop & Start cancel switch
  5. Parking brake switch
    Precautions for winter season
  6. Brake hold switch

*: If equipped


Pictorial index

  1. SRS airbags
  2. Floor mats
  3. Front seats
  4. Head restraints
  5. Seat belts
  6. Console box
  7. Inside lock buttons
  8. Cup holders
  9. Rear seats


Pictorial index

  1. Inside rear view mirror
  2. Sun visors
  3. Vanity mirrors
  4. Vanity lights*
  5. Interior lights/personal lights
  6. Moon roof switches*
  7. "SOS" button*
  8. Assist grips

*: If equipped


     For safety and security

     For safe use

     Before driving

    Observe the following before starting off in the vehicle to ensure safety of driving. Floor mat Use only floor mats designed specifically for vehicles of the same model and model year as your vehicle.


     Manual air conditioning system

    Air conditioning controls The display and button positions will differ depending on the type of the system. Fan speed control switch Temperature control switch "MAX A/C" switch "A/C" switch Outside air mode switch Recirculated air mode switch Airflow mode control switch Rear window defogge

     Cruise control

    The vehicle can be driven at a set speed even if the accelerator pedal is not depressed. Use the cruise control only on highways and expressways. WARNING ■For safe use Driving safely is solely the responsibility of the driver. Therefore, do not overly rely on this system. The driver is solel

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