Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: PCS (Pre-Collision System)

The pre-collision system uses sensors to detect objects in the path of the vehicle. When the system determines that the possibility of a frontal collision with a detectable object is high, a warning operates to urge the driver to take evasive action and the potential brake pressure is increased to help the driver avoid the collision. If the system determines that the possibility of a collision is extremely high, the brakes are automatically applied to help avoid the collision or help reduce the impact of the collision.

The pre-collision system can be disabled/enabled and the warning timing can be changed.


■For safe use

  • Driving safely is solely the responsibility of the driver. Pay careful attention to the surrounding conditions in order to ensure safe driving.

    Never use the pre-collision system in place of normal braking operations. This system cannot help avoid or reduce the impact of a collision in every situation.

    Over-reliance on this system to drive the vehicle safely may lead to an accident resulting in death or serious injury.

  • Although the pre-collision system is designed to help avoid or help reduce the impact of a collision, its effectiveness may change according to various conditions. Therefore, it may not always be able to achieve the same level of performance.

    Read the following items carefully.

    Do not overly rely on this system and always drive carefully.

■When to disable the pre-collision system

  • When it is necessary to disable the system

Detectable objects

The system can detect the following as detectable objects.

(Detectable objects differ depending on the function.)

  • Vehicles
  • Bicycles*
  • Pedestrians
  • Motorcycles*

*: Detected as a detectable object only when being ridden.


     System functions - PCS

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