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Toyota Corolla Cross: Intuitive parking assist

The distance from your vehicle to objects, such as a wall, when parallel parking or maneuvering into a garage is measured by the sensors and communicated via the audio system screen and a buzzer. Always check the surrounding area when using this system.

System components

■ Types of sensors

Using the driving support systems

  1. Front corner sensors
  2. Front center sensors
  3. Rear corner sensors
  4. Rear center sensors

■ Display

When the sensors detect an object, such as a wall, a graphic is shown on the audio system screen depending on the position and distance to the object.

For details regarding the audio system screen, refer to the "MULTIMEDIA OWNER'S MANUAL".

Using the driving support systems

  1. Front corner sensor detection
  2. Front center sensor detection
  3. Rear corner sensor detection
  4. Rear center sensor detection


     Turning intuitive parking assist ON/OFF

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     Lost Communication with Air Inlet Damper Control Servo Motor LIN Missing Message (B143A87)

    DESCRIPTION The air conditioning harness assembly and No. 1 air conditioning radiator damper servo sub-assembly connect the air conditioning amplifier assembly and the No. 1 blower damper servo sub-assembly. The air conditioning amplifier assembly supplies power and sends operation instructions to N

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