Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Data List / Active Test



(a) In accordance with the screen on the GTS, display the data list screen and check the data.

Body Electrical > Navigation System > Data List

Tester Display

Measurement Item


Normal Condition

Diagnostic Note

Total Distance Traveled

Distance driven

0 to 16777215

Distance driven


Total Distance Traveled - Unit

Unit when distance driven is displayed


Distance driven unit is displayed


Navigation Screen Back Light Dimmer

ADIM signal / tail cancel


ON: Auto-dimming or dimming in accordance with tail cancel signal

OFF: No auto-dimming or dimming in accordance with tail cancel signal


Tail Light Switch

TAIL signal (light control switch) status


ON: Light control switch in TAIL or HEAD position

OFF: Light control switch OFF


Reverse Range Signal

Reverse signal


ON: Shift lever in R

OFF: Shift lever not in R


Parking Brake

Parking brake switch


ON: Parking brake applied

OFF: Parking brake released


Ignition Switch

Ignition switch


ON: Ignition switch ON

OFF: Ignition switch off or ACC

An inspection cannot be performed with the ignition switch off as the GTS cannot be used.

Battery Voltage

Battery voltage

0.0 to 24.0 [V]

11 to 14 V


Vehicle Speed

Vehicle speed

0 to 255 [km/h]

A value approximately the same as the actual vehicle speed is displayed

0 km/h when vehicle is stopped


     Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

    DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART AUDIO AND VISUAL SYATEM DTC No. Detection Item Link B154711 GNSS Antenna Circuit Short to Ground


    VEHICLE CONTROL HISTORY (RoB) NOTICE: When checking the vehicle control history (RoB), record any stored history first. Check Vehicle Control History (RoB) (Audio and Visual System) (a) In accor

     GNSS Antenna Circuit Short to Ground (B154711,B154713)

    DESCRIPTION These DTCs are stored when the radio and display receiver assembly detects an open or short in GNSS antenna assembly. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detect


     Hybrid/EV Battery Internal Electronic Failure (P31B549)

    DESCRIPTION The battery ECU assembly monitors its internal operation and will store these DTCs when it detects an internal malfunction. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area MIL Warning Indicate Note P31B549 Hybrid/EV Battery Internal E

     Motor Inverter Shutdown Performance Stuck Off (P1F689F)

    DESCRIPTION The hybrid vehicle control ECU detects malfunctions which prevent the generator (MG1) inverter, motor (MG2) inverter and rear motor (MGR) inverter shutdown circuit from shutting down the hybrid vehicle control system. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Tr

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