Toyota Corolla Cross Owners & Service Manuals

Toyota Corolla Cross: Adding the washer fluid

Add washer fluid in the following situations:

  • A washer does not work.
  • The warning message appears on the multi-information display.

Do-it-yourself maintenance


■When adding washer fluid

Do not add washer fluid when the engine is hot or running as washer fluid contains alcohol and may catch fire if spilled on the engine, etc.


■Do not use any fluid other than washer fluid

Do not use soapy water or engine antifreeze instead of washer fluid.

Doing so may cause streaking on the vehicle's painted surfaces, as well as damaging the pump leading to problems of the washer fluid not spraying.

■Diluting washer fluid

Dilute washer fluid with water as necessary.

Refer to the freezing temperatures listed on the label of the washer fluid bottle.



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